Patience Pays Off For A Lucky Georgia Hunter

Monster Bucks is very fortunate to have over 7,000 acres of property but once again one of our smallest leases pays off. This 80 acre piece of ground is very special to us as it has been in our family for nearly 100 years. Our Georgia hunter was impressed with this property from the start but as time passed his patience began wearing thin. This determined hunter returned each day to hunt from sun up to sun down, the fresh signs being seen daily enticing him to return one more time.

One morning, he arrived for his hunt later than usual. Dawn was breaking as he walked across the recently cut corn field. Something caught his eye. He quickly ducked into a CRP field and then into a meadow when suddenly the buck spotted him. He froze. He could not believe his eyes as the buck kept coming closer and closer. A good shot was presented and he took it! The buck bolted like the shot had been missed. This Georgia hunter could not believe he had missed the shot and yet this buck was running! As he watched in disbelief, this massive buck ran to his death. It had been a good shot! The beautiful buck scored a 143.

As the story was told over and over in the lodge it always ended with the same statement, “ Either I am the luckiest hunter in the world or he was the dumbest buck!”

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