Midwest Big Whitetails

A Texan with 35 years of chasing whitetails under my belt and having taken bull elk in Colorado and New Mexico, I really wanted to go hunt big whitetails in the Midwest. My introduction to Kansas whitetail hunting starts back in February 2005 after perusing Kansas hunting websites for a weekend, I kept coming back to Monster Bucks of KS and decided to give Rocky Edwards a call the next night. After a good two hour conversation about hunting and many other common interests, I could hardly wait to get up to Bremen, KS that spring to meet Rocky and his wife, Brenda and their son, Fred.

Around three months later after several more conversations with Rocky and arranging a visit, my wife Nancy and I planned to meet the Edwards family on a road trip to Minnesota. When we finally arrived, I already felt like family just driving up to the Edward’s home. Upon meeting Brenda and Rocky, Nancy and I felt an immediate and lasting friendship was in the making. After a little conversation, we were ready for Rocky to show us the properties in which he was able to show us some prime hunting real estate for the next three hours or so. I was hooked and knew I’d be back first week of November 2005.

November finally arrived and due to severe arthritis in my hands, I was able to secure a crossbow permit. Brenda and Rocky provide exceptionally clean lodging in their comfortable hunting lodge. It is furnished with a large kitchen, washer and dryer, and all of the cooking equipment so that you can prepare your own meals. Looking at other outfitter websites, I knew I couldn’t eat a thousand dollars worth of grub in a week if I tried. Adjacent to the lodge is an excellent cleaning facility to skin out and quarter your deer with stainless steel tables and coolers.

After sighting in and reviewing satellite photos of all the different properties, Rocky and Fred showed me more property than I would ever be able to hunt in a week and made suggestions on which of the ladder blinds I should check out. I’m not looking for a guided hunt and do not want anyone to hold my hand. Just show me all the places that I can choose from, and that’s what Rocky and Fred do for their hunters. You are responsible for your own transportation to and from the hunting area. Those two fellows would never be able to get six or seven hunters spread out in all four directions. It makes it easy to select a different blind if you wish to move. They give you that freedom They don’t want you walking thru all the prime habitat and busting deer out of bedding areas. They do expect you to be considerate of other hunters in camp.

If you encounter a big Kansas buck that you like to get into bow range, they will either relocate a ladder blind or set up a new one. They are open to suggestions if you like to change the set up to help you get the big one. I’ve been fortunate to take my biggest whitetail ever with Rocky and Fred, an eight pointer scoring 163 inches, but I’ve seen a lot larger ones that weren’t close enough. You never know what that next buck you hear walking up behind your blind will turn out to be in Kansas, and that’s what keeps you coming back. Someone making me feel like family every year will keep me coming back, until I can’t climb a ladder any more plus maybe a few more years.

The Edwards Family exhibits a very sincere and honest desire that you enjoy your hunt. Life passes quickly enough the way does, but you can’t help but wishing November would hurry up and get here. Good hunting!

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